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Work Order Management & Scheduling

Automatically create work orders and auto-assign to technicians. The platform manages work orders across different stages from assignment to completion. Provide real time updates to business, technicians and customers. Schedule services such as preventive maintenance for weeks, months to years in advance. Choose different scheduling algorithms based on your organisations policies.

Asset Management

Manage assets across locations such as customer locations, warehouses, vans, return centers etc. Get a real time view of all assets, availability and usage. Store component hierarchy of assets and parts enabling precise identification of components during service.

Technician Management

Capture the skill sets of technicians such as assets a Technician is qualified to work on, different services a technician can execute. Manage Technician availability through the platform and the mobile app.

Tasks & Checklists

Provide detailed instructions to technicians through highly configurable tasks and checklists. Provide information through operation manuals, instruction videos for each asset or part. Dynamic checklists provide the Technician with step by step instructions for different services and assets.

Mobile App

Provide Technicians with a calendar view of their activities. Detailed instructions through task lists and checklists enable Technicians to perform their activities with the smallest attention to detail. Access additional information through installation manuals, guides and instruction videos. Real time updates and notifications enable businesses, technicians and customers to stay in sync. Fully functional even in offline mode.

Schedule Management

Manage assignments, re-assignments, automatic assignments through the Benga Console. Get a real time view of work orders for your business accounts. Track technician assignments and work order statuses. View time breached work orders and enable auto assignments to handle overdue tasks.

SLA and Contracts

Define SLAs for your assets & services across multiple locations. Enable rules to manage SLAs to adhere to your business’ critical policies. Manage contracts with various business accounts and store the contract history.

Business Intelligence

Get real time reports of your field service organisation and asset information. Benga’s comprehensive reporting platform provides data on performance, assets, technicians, FSM metrics such as first time fix rate, mean time to fix, open work orders, etc

Dynamic Workflows

Create workflows to manage various business processes. Configure dynamic workflows based on outcomes from services, integrating systems, technician inputs, assets, IoT devices.


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